Share The Time Your very own wedding planner to help you bring “the happiest day of your life”.

Your first step of wedding plan is to choose “wedding venues,”
then decide wedding planner and actual planning in the hall…
This is very typical in Japan’s wedding.

We want to start planning everything “together” with you,
this is the reason why we don’t have wedding venues.

Let us help you think about your wedding theme and how you want to show your gratitude to your guests.
This will both help and inspire you to find the best place for your own big day.
Ask it to NoA Wedding, your very own wedding planner.

Like a ship’s captain on ocean, we navigate you to the “the happiest day of your life”.
Let’s create your dream wedding “together”.

We can offer you a full planning service or help you with anything you would like to make
your dream wedding come true.
Let us hear your thoughts and wishes!

Free consultation for the first time customers.
Feel free to contact us. Let’s make plans together!